Covid 19 – Patients advised to phone their Optometrist for eye-care services

Optometrists today advised the public to telephone their eye-care provider for information, or advice on services – many of which will remain available.

The Association of Optometrists Ireland re-assured patients that many of their needs could continue to be met without unwanted contact – and patients should ring their Optometrist in advance for information.

For example, if people were to lose or break their glasses their Optometrist can prepare new glasses for safe collection, observing social distancing, without the patient needing to attend at the practice.

Similarly people can call for contact lens supplies which can be prepared for collection without close contact.

In circumstances where people have immediate eye-care concerns, people can ring their Optometrist for guidance.

In cases of emergencies Optometrists will be available to examine patients, while carefully following guidelines on sterilisation, and use of masks and gloves to prioritise patient safety.

Patients who need eye drops or prescriptions should phone their GP

AOI CEO Sean McCrave said that Optometrists will minimise any social contact, but have discussed and agreed ways of working that will keep necessary services available for patients.

“The message from AOI is that any patient with eye-care needs or concerns, should phone their Optometrist to discuss and agree a safe way that their needs can be met.”


Further Information

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