The Association of Optometrists Ireland (AOI)

The Council is the governing body of the Association. It comprises of 16 elected members, four of whom are regional representatives.Each year four members retire by rotation but may offer themselves for re-election if they wish. All full members are eligible for nomination and election to Council.


The Association of Optometrists Ireland is the professional representative body for the vast majority of practising optometrists in the country. Formerly known as ophthalmic opticians and commonly referred to as opticians, the official title in Irish law is now optometrist.

The Association, in conjunction with the Opticians Board, who are the statutory regulatory authority, provides a supervisory and ethical environment for all members. The purpose of this is to ensure the highest possible standards in provision of clinical and dispensing services to the public. Subscription to the Association’s Code of Ethics and Practice is mandatory for all members.

The Association has been in existence for over a hundred years, marking it's Centenary in 2005.

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